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Personal Response Systems in Electronic Classrooms

PRS, short for Personal Response System, is a technology which allows real time polling of students for assessment or to gauge understanding. UCIT at the University of Cincinnati has standardized the use of PRS utilizing Turning Technologies' TurningPoint software. Students respond to questions either using an RF transmitter known as a clicker, or using their laptop or smart phone, known to TurningPoint as ResponseWare.

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TurningPoint and PRS hardware is installed in the classrooms in this list:
PRS Rooms and Channels

TurningPoint ResponseCard RF transmitters for student use are sold through the University Of Cincinnati bookstore or from Turning Technologies. TurningPoint software, to be used for the authoring of TurningPoint presentations, can be downloaded from the downloads section of the PRS Blackboard organization.

Turning Technologies School Site

Turning Technologies, maker of TurningPoint software and hardware, has established a site for the University of Cincinnati to purchase transmitters or ResponseWare licenses directly. The site sells transmitters at cost plus a nominal shipping charge - providing a significant savings.

To visit the site, follow this link:

The code for the University of Cincinnati is - Jg@8 . This information may be shared with students interested in purchasing their transmitters direct from TurningTechnologies.

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