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Exam Grading Service Level Agreement

You must provide your name, e-mail address and accept the agreement at the bottom of the page in order for UCIT to process your exams.
  • All exams will be processed with a 24-hour turnaround. There are no exceptions. UCIT will notify instructors by phone or e-mail when the exams are ready to be picked up.

  • Exams dropped off on Friday will be available for pickup by noon the following Monday except for exam week. During exam week, drop-off and pickup will be available on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

  • All users need to submit a completed Exam User Form with each batch of exams for grading. UCIT staff will not process any exams without a completed form. An updated Exam User Form can be printed from the exam grading website or can be obtained while submitting exams for processing. UCIT will not accept old Exam User Forms.

  • All exam response sheets must have student identification numbers coded on the form. UCIT staff will not process any forms without an identification number or without the corresponding circles filled in. Each student must have a unique identifying number. The unique number does not have to be the student ID, but must be at least 4 numbers in length. All ID numbers must be of the same length for an exam.

  • UCIT staff will not alter response sheets under any circumstances. This includes sheets rejected because of multiple marks, incorrectly coded versions, sections, IDs, etc. Directions for completing the answer sheets are on the exam grading website. (http://www.ucit.uc.edu/examgrading/)

  • UCIT will only scan the following forms for Exams: 5-item red response sheet (FORM UC-1000);5-item blue response sheet (form NSC 4521) and the 10-item green response sheet (form NSC 4887), which can be obtained from Central Stores. Sample images of the forms can be viewed on the exam grading website.

  • Faculty who use multiple versions of the same exam, or multiple sections of the same class need to code the forms appropriately. Areas to be coded for the versions and sections on the response sheet can be viewed on the exam grading website.

  • UCIT will store each quarters exam data until grades are due for the relevant quarter when records will be purged (Exceptions for Law College based on semester system).

  • UCIT will store student response sheets until the 5th week of the next quarter, at which time they will be shredded.

  • UCIT will print a Class Response report and a Roster report for every exam submitted. The Class Response report identifies all questions with multiple marks. The Roster report default is sorted by last name. Faculty must specify a different sort order in the special instructions sections of the Exam User Form if they want it sorted other than by last name.

  • Faculty or their representative must sign on the acceptance line of the Exam User Form when picking up processed exams. The signature verifies that the exam has been processed according to specifications. If discrepancies are found prior to the acceptance signature, UCIT will re-process the exam as soon as the scanner is available to correct mistakes. Any discrepancies found after the signature will be treated as a new request, which requires a new Exam User Form to be submitted with a 24 hour turnaround time.

  • When reports are emailed, any discrepancies caused by UCIT will be corrected as soon as the scanner is available. However, corrections must be submitted in email for documentation purposes.

  • UCIT staff will not accept changes over the phone.

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I have read and accept the terms of this agreement.